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High Latency


Dear Client

High Latency could be a result of many factors of which some only our support staff will be able to assist, there are some basic checks listed below you yourself can check.

  1. Make sure you not utilising your line to capacity, for example if you have a 5MB line and you using 5MB you do not have bandwidth left and latency will climb, resulting in up's and downs in ping responses.
  2. To run a test, check that all computers, gaming boxes etc are powered down and run a test from only one machine if latency is stable you know you running to full capacity and need to consider upgrading your capacity.
  3. Always check machines for viruses, trojans and malware, this is not only a cause of high latency but also a threat to your local network. - Recommended software Kasperksy Internet Security  and Malware Bytes.


AirtoFibre Support Team

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