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VoIP Not Working


Dear Client

VoIP not only reduces your calling costs and saves your business and home money but is also the life line of any business and home, we at AirtoFibre realise this more than any network provider and therefore have developed our VoIP systems that replace your standard POTS telephone systems with the latest technology.

Our systems live in the cloud and on multiple redundant server farms to ensure uptime, we recommend corporate clients always have a secondary internet supply just for VoIP as it is your business life line, We have taken it a step further and have developed our own applications which you can install from the Apple or Android stores on your mobile phones which will allow you to make and receive calls using your mobile data once again reducing costs.

We then took it one step further and developed a PC client for you to use in the event of an internet outage by connecting your PC to your mobile data and keeping your communications running via PC clients.


AirtoFibre Support Team

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